Lake Murray Animal Hospital Patient Center

Gilbert VeterinariansWe welcome new and returning pet patients to our Lake Murray Animal Hospital here in Gilbert. The goal of our hospital is to provide excellent care to all pets and their owners in the surrounding areas. We offer a range of services at our facility, including spay and neuter procedures, other types of animal surgery, all necessary vaccinations, and other routine veterinary services. Our staff strives to provide great customer service and high quality care to you and your pet always.

An annual vet check-up for your pet is essential for his or her continuing health. Our annual wellness exams include administering all necessary vaccines and a complete physical exam by our veterinarian to check for proper growth. The physical exam will also include a check of the mouth, gums, and teeth to ensure proper dental hygiene. Our veterinarians do recommend regular gum and tooth brushing of pets, but we understand this might be a struggle for some unwilling pets. If this is the case for your pet, we will recommend an annual dental cleaning for your pet. We also advise pet owners to consistently monitor a pet’s behavior, eating habits, and physical changes. As the pet owner, you will be able to detect any minor or major changes that might indicate certain issues or changes. We encourage pet owners to contact us as soon as they notice something unusual or out of the ordinary in their pet’s habits or behavior.

Pet Owners Can Learn About Vaccinations,
Dental Care, Animal Surgery and More

Gilbert Pet DentalWhether you are new to our veterinary clinic or a returning patient, we invite you to explore our Patient Center as we provide information about our services and animal hospital. We have sections on vaccinations, animal surgery, spay and neuter procedures, common toxins, obesity in pets, and other educational resources. In this section, we are hoping to help simplify regular dog and cat care for pet owners. We advocate that all eligible pets receive regular necessary vaccinations to help control disease. Pet owners who have their dog or cat regularly vaccinated are helping to prevent diseases and maintain the health of their pet.

Another method of preventative care that we recommend is regular dental care for dogs and cats. We do our best to impress upon pet owners the importance of good dental health in cats and dogs, as good oral hygiene contributes to a pet’s overall health. Our animal hospital provides scheduled dental cleaning and other necessary dental procedures to keep pets healthy. General animal surgery at Lake Murray Animal Hospital is performed with empathetic and compassionate care for our patients. Our animal vet clinic always treats your pet like it were our very own, showing them the utmost respect and care. Even during routine animal surgery procedures, such as spay and neuter surgeries, we prioritize safety, comfort, and warmth. We invite you to learn more about our veterinary surgery philosophy on our animal surgery page.

Pet owners are invited to further explore our Patient Center sections or to call us for more information at 803-892-7070. We look forward to caring for you and your pet.