Gilbert Animal Hospital with a Commitment to Cat Care

At Lake Murray Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing the best cat care possible to our feline patients. As a member of the Cherokee Trail family of veterinary hospitals, we offer a full range of services to promote cat wellness.

All cat vaccinations given at our animal vet clinic are free of adjuvant, a common additive to most pet vaccines. Adjuvant has been known to cause many side effects for felines when included in cat vaccinations. Thus, we choose only those that do not contain adjuvant.

Cat Health Tips from Veterinary Professionals

Owning a cat is a bit different than having any other type of animal. Besides often having large personalities that warm our hearts, cats also have specific needs and health problems. A few of the most common cat health issues to take note of are:

Preventative Care – By making sure your pet has preventative care, you are ensuring cat wellness. A routine annual trip to a cat vet is the first step in cat care. Regularly scheduled cat vaccinations are crucial to overall health. Health examinations done by a cat vet can also rule out many degenerative disorders common to felines.

Poisoning – Many items that most owners would not consider harmful to cats actually are. While there are many other substances that can be harmful to cat health, these are a few of the more common household items. Such products include chocolate, garlic, onions, anti-freeze, rat poison, and tobacco. In addition, Tylenol and Ibuprofen are extremely deadly to cats. Flea and tick products designed for dogs can also cause poisoning, leading to life-threatening symptoms in cats. Should a pet ingest any of these items, contact a cat vet immediately for guidance.

Falls – The saying “curiosity killed the cat” is no joke. Every year, dozens of cats are put at risk due to falls from high places. While we know that felines enjoy curiously exploring and jumping from high places, this can be deadly or cause serious injury. To keep your pet’s cat wellness to a maximum, make sure they do not have access to high shelving, cabinetry tops, or the top of the refrigerator. Other places higher than a couple feet off the ground should also be avoided.

Grooming and Dental – To keep cat wellness at the highest level, owners need to also keep in mind grooming and dental hygiene in their cat care regiments. Long hair cats should have regular brushing. A flea or tick treatment specifically designed for cat health can be obtained from a local animal vet clinic or veterinarian.
Cat owners can contact Lake Murray Animal Hospital at (803) 892-7070 to schedule a routine visit or ask questions about a pet emergency.