About Lake Murray Animal Hospital

Comprehensive veterinary care in Gilbert, SC. Spay/neuter, surgery, cat care, and more. Experienced veterinarians serving Batesburg area pets since 1965.

About Us

Our animal hospital in Gilbert provides spay and neuter, animal surgery, and cat care

Lake Murray Animal Hospital is a sister hospital of Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital serving the Lexington area. We provide veterinary care for pets in the Batesburg, Leesville, and Gilbert areas. We love our work here and it will not take long for you to see that when you visit us.

cat with stethoscope
Border Collie dog during visit in vet

We provide veterinary services such as spay and neuter services, vaccinations, and dentistry for dogs and cats. In addition to these preventive care services, our hospital also offers diet planning for pets. We have treatment plans for arthritis, diabetes, fleas, heartworm, and many other conditions. Our veterinarians and staff focus on building our services around dog and cat care.​

We are a full service veterinary hospital and our mission is to provide the highest standard of care. We are pleased to offer an in-house pharmacy and utilize the services of our sister facility in Lexington, SC, when necessary. Our Gilbert animal vet clinic is staffed five days a week and is prepared to handle an assortment of problems and ailments. Our veterinarians  are highly trained and offer the care and consideration that all pets deserve.

Veterinarians at our animal hospital care for Gilbert area pets

We have been in practice since 1965 when Dr. William Howard Giddens founded our veterinary hospital. Dr. Heyward Boyette and Dr. Ginger Macaulay took over the clinic in 2000 and then moved the clinic into a new facility in 2008. Today, we have three veterinarians on staff, Dr. Swenson, Dr. Macaulay, and Dr. Boyette to provide high quality dog and cat care. We encourage you to call or stop in to schedule an appointment.​

In addition to our stress-free full service animal vet clinic, we offer free website membership. Rewards of being a website member include access to helpful articles on dog and cat care, a free subscription to our informational “Pet Living and Wellness” magazine and tips on keeping your pet healthy in the future. In addition to these resources, we also have several website resources that do not require membership. For example, we have a page dedicated to animal surgery and our philosophy regarding handling animal surgery. One of the more routine surgeries we perform are spay and neuter procedures, which we recommend to all eligible pets. We use a radio surgical unit for all surgeries in our clinic, which helps to reduce bleeding, healing time, and pet discomfort.​

For more information on the wonderful people that will be here waiting to help, please click the “Meet Our Team” link above. Our animal hospital staff is skilled and compassionate. We encourage pet owners in the Gilbert, Leesville, Batesburg, Newberry, Prosperity, Saluda, and Lexington areas to call us at 803-602-1613 to email us for more information, or to schedule a visit with one of our veterinarians.